Bacteria Filters are a vital part of keeping your water clean and healthy for you and your family. We offer many inexpensive ways to efficiently eliminate bacteria, viruses, and other unwanted contaminants. Well water can be at high risk for unwanted contaminants such as: ecoli, coliform, nitrates, iron, etc. Depending on the type of bacteria you have, there are different water filtration systems to treat it. Be wary of anyone telling you that you need retention tanks for iron bacteria. Retention tanks are normally only needed in cases of ecoli or coliform.

Bacteria Filters for Drinking Water

Description Item # Price  
Micro-Twin T.O.C. + Lead-Organics 5136L $119.87 Buy Now
Ultra VioletT.O.C. Sediment-Bacteria 5166U $299.87 Buy Now
4 Stage R.O. FMRO46 $199.87 Buy Now
5 Stage R.O. FMRO5 $219.87 Buy Now
5 stage R.O. with UV light 4816-5/84602 $479.87 Buy Now

Bacteria Filters for the Whole House

Chlorination is an effective way to treat many types of bacterium.

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Premium 100 110v Chemical Pump (includes injector/hoses) complete kit. 4701-15 $324.87 Buy Now
Premium 100 220v Chemical Pump (includes injector/hoses) complete kit. 4702-15 $324.87 Buy Now
Chemical solution tank for Chlorine(16 gallon) 4713 $99.87 Buy Now
Chemical solution tank for chem pump (35 gallon) 4714 $149.87 Buy Now
40 Gallon Storage/Retention Tank 4225 $299.87 Buy Now
80 Gallon Storage/Retention Tank 4226 $459.87 Buy Now
120 Gallon Storage/Retention Tank (delivered by semi-truck only) 4227 $529.87 Buy Now


Once you add chlorine to treat bacteria, it is usually a good idea to take it back out. A good way to do this is with a state of the art, all digital backwashing Carbon Tank.

Description Item # Price  
9"x 40" tank with .75 cubic feet - Great for city water! 672B $499.87 Buy Now
10"x 40" tank with 1.0 cubic feet - Great for city water! 673B $599.87 Buy Now
10"x 54" tank with 1.5 cubic feet - Our most popular tank! 675B $675.87 Buy Now
Large 12"x 48" tank with 2.0 cubic feet 678B $899.87 Buy Now

Add a bypass valve for only $39.87: Buy Now

An even better way to take chlorine back out is with one of our Terminox™ I.S.M Filters, especially if you also have any iron, sulfur or manganese in your water. Unlike carbon tanks, the Terminox™ I.S.M. Filter does not have to be re-bedded every few years.

Description Item # Price  
7"x44" tank .50 cubic ft. media. 7076BT $549.87 Buy Now
8"x44" tank .75 cubic ft. media. 7078BT $688.87 Buy Now
9"x48" tank 1.0 cubic ft. media. 7081BT $788.87 Buy Now
10"x54" tank 1.5 cubic ft. media. 7082BT $829.87 Buy Now
12"x52" tank 2.0 cubic ft. media. 7083BT $988.87 Buy Now

Add a bypass valve to any iron filter for only $39.87: Buy Now

Another effective way to treat some types of bacteria is with UV Sterilization.

Ultraviolet Sterilization

Description Item # Price  
UV System, 1-3 GPM 3P $319.87 Buy Now
UV System, 2-5 GPM 5P $389.87 Buy Now

If large numbers of coliforms are found in water, there is a high probability that other pathogenic bacteria or organisms, such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium, may be present. The PADEP requires public drinking water supplies to demonstrate the absence of total coliform per 100 mls (about 4 oz.) of drinking water. It is up to the private well owner to purchase a bacteria filter if their water tests show such bacteria is present.

More Information on Coliform and Ecoli

Our bacteria filters will eliminate the contaminants that may harm you and your family!

Before treating well water for any type of bacteria, it is highly recommended that you gather the information under items # 7, 16 and 17 on our Articles/FAQ'S page. Once you have that information, just give us a call to talk to one of our expert technicians for great advice on which well water filtration system will work best for your specific application.