Chlorine Aeration

Chlorination / Aeration is one of the Most Powerful Oxidizer-Sanitizers in the Water Treatment Industry Today!

Chlorination / Aeration will treat iron, iron bacteria, sulfur, sulfate reducing bacteria, manganese, algae, tannins, arsenic, and low pH. It can greatly add to your water flow rate and and gives you a constant flow in your home much like city water. This is a complete well water system that will provide you with clean, pure water throughout your house. It also works great on irrigation systems and prevents staining on your sidewalks and sides of your home as well as keeping your sprinkler heads clean and trouble free.


Protect your family from harmful chemicals by providing clean, safe drinking water.

Radon Reduction System

Add the Radon Reduction System to the Open-Air System to reduce radon gases from entering your home.

The adjustable delay timer (from 3-10 minutes) will control the blower system to remove the gases from the house.

Blower specs: 1/3 hp, 115 VAC, max air-flow of 43 cfm.

This is an ADD-ON PRICE to the Open-Air System.


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Radon Reduction System RDADD $1677.87

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Air Injectors


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Air Injector, 1/2" 2.9-9.5 gpm AI12 $108.87 Buy Now
Air Injector, 3/4" 5.3-17 gpm AI34 $135.87 Buy Now
Air Injector, 1" AI01 $166.87 Buy Now

Whether you need chlorine / aeration, chlorine injection, water softener, iron filter, uv sterilization, acid neutralizer, carbon filter, or simple drinking water system. Water Filters of America™® has what you needfor any water filtration system. Quality equipment at budget prices. Please don't hesitate to contact one of our technicians, there is never a fee for great advice.

Air Injector