Harmful Coliform and E-coli Bacteria Treatment and Filtration in Well Water Systems.

Coliform and E-coli are harmful bacteria sometimes found in well water. If your well has tested positive for either of these harmful bacterium in ANY amount, we strongly recommend that you treat it. Whether you have a private well, a community well or a commercial well we can help with effective well water treatment systems and solutions.

There are a several different ways to treat and filter your well water for these harmful bacterium.

WHOLE HOUSE Well Water Treatment Solutions:

Chlorination - This would include a chemical feeder and at least one retention tank to kill coliform and e-coli bacteria.

UV Filtration - Sterilization light to kill harmful bacteria. Keep in mind that many people cannot use this method without first filtering and softening the water due to "Shielding" concerns. Beware of companies who will let you add this UV technology on hard water or on water with iron or any other type of sediment issues such as sand, manganese, clay, dirt, turbidity etc. Feel free to contact one of our expert techs with your test results so we can help you determine if a UV light alone will be a correct application.


Open Air requires no additional pumps, retention tanks or other products to kill harmful bacterium and can even increase the water pressure for homes with low pressure systems. It is a bit more expensive but is ideal for people with low water pressure or limited space where they can't possibly use retention tanks.

How to Properly Size your home well water treatment system and equipment:


In order to properly size your equipment you will need to determine your flow rate. In order to obtain the proper flow rate, please follow the instructions under item number 7 on this page: staging.waterfiltersofamerica.com/article_faq's.htm

We would also recommend that you have your water tested for iron, hardness, TDS and pH at the very minimum. You will find suggestions on how to have this done under item number 16 on the same page as the flow rate instructions. We even tell you how you can get this testing done for free. If you need to test for e-coli or coliform, the best thing to do is call the local county health department in your area for advice on the best way to get testing. Sometimes they do it for free or at a low cost. Also a lot of local municipal water suppliers that sell city water will test as a community service for people not on the local municipal supply.

Chlorine Injection Method and Sizing:


Chlorine injection means we are injecting chlorine directly into your water line using an inexpensive chemical feeder pump to inject water right into the water line and then into a retention tank(s). You will need a large enough retention tank(s) in order to give the chlorine 20 to 30 minutes contact time with your water. To get the proper amount of contact time you will need a minimum of 20 gallons of storage for every 1 gallon per minute flow rate. The recommended retention tank size in most cases is a 120 gallon Retention Tank ($449). They stand 5 feet tall and 2 feet wide. You will need one tank for every 6 gallons of flow rate as determined by the flow rate check instructions below.Retention Tanks in various sizes.

Example: For 6 gallons per minute flow rate you would need a 120 gallon retention tank.

6 GPM x 20 minute contact time = 120 gallon retention tank.

We would recommend that you follow chlorine applications with a backwashing Terminox™ I.S.M. filter to remove the chlorine afterwards. Beware of companies suggesting carbon tanks to remove chlorine as this is outdated technology which requires expensive service calls for carbon replacement. Our "Terminox™ ISM" filters remove iron, sulfur, manganese, dirt, turbidity, smells, tastes and even harsh chemicals such asChlorine Injection Pump chlorine. They use no salt or chemicals and are virtually maintenance free. And there is no carbon to replace. Just "Set it and forget it". And they make the water taste so clean and good! You can find them on this page:

Description Item # Price  
Premium 100 110v Chlorine Pump 4701-15 $324.87 Buy Now
Chlorine Solution Tank 16 Gallon 4713 $99.87 Buy Now
Chlorine Solution Tank 35 Gallon 4714 $149.87 Buy Now
4 Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking System w/ Faucet FMRO4J $199.87 Buy Now
5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking System w/ Faucet FMRO5 $219.87 Buy Now
5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking System w/ Faucet & UV 48165c $479.87 Buy Now
40 Gallon Storage/Retention Tank (16"x56") 4225 $299.87 Buy Now
80 Gallon Storage/Retention Tank (21"x67") 4226 $459.87 Buy Now
*120 Gallon Storage/Retention Tank (24"x73") 4227 $529.87 Buy Now

*Delivered by semi-truck only

Chlorine / Aeration Open Air System  The Open-Air System provides a powerful sanitation and chlorination process.

The open air system combines chlorination and aeration in the same equipment. This type of coliform and e-coli treatment also works well to eliminate or greatly reduce iron and iron bacteria. The combination of aeration and chlorination creates a powerful oxidizer and sanitizer. The open-air system will also remove: sulfur, sulfur decaying bacteria, black manganese, algae, tannins, methane and radon gas, low output well and low pH. This can be ordered with either a 100 gallon or 250 gallon tank to give enough contact time. We would recommend that you follow this application with a backwashing Terminox™ I.S.M. filter.


Item #

Open-Air w/Booster 115v,100 gal. OA100 $2813.87 Buy Now
Open-Air w/Booster 230v,250 gal. OA250 $3267.87 Buy Now
4 Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking System w/Faucet FMRO4J $199.87 Buy Now
5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking System w/Faucet FMRO5 $219.87 Buy Now
5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking System w/Faucet & UV 48165c $479.87 Buy Now

UV is an effective way to treat coliform and e-coli. Normally you may have to treat your water for other impurities such as hardness (calcium, magnesium), iron, sediment and manganese prior to UV treatment. If you have impurities other than coliform and e-coli, these impurities can cause "shielding" of the bacteria. Shielding is where the bacteria can hide behind other particles and be unaffected by the UV treatment. We would recommend that if you have greater than 0.2 ppm of iron or greater than 5 GPG of hardness that you treat your water before the UV lamp. You will need to determine your flow rate to determine which UV system is right for your specific application. Beware of companies who claim the UV alone can kill bacteria with no pre-treatment at all or who don't require specific testing for hardness, iron, manganese, dirt, turbidity, clay and other forms of turbidity or sediment related type contaminants.

Premium UV Units Ultra Violet sterilization for disinfecting your water

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UV System,1-3 GPM 3P $319.87 Buy Now
UV System,2-5 GPM 5P $389.87 Buy Now
UV System,3-14GPM 14OP* $559.87 Buy Now
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UV System,13-47 GPM 47P* $849.87 Buy Now

*These models include elapsed time meters, alarm resets, lamp replacement meters and dry contacts.

Deluxe UV Units Ultra Violet sterilization has state of the art technology and is cost effective.

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UV System,3-14 GPM 14OD $829.87 Buy Now
UV System,7-28 GPM 28D $959.87 Buy Now
UV System,13-47GPM 47D $1130.87 Buy Now

Deluxe models include a new UV intensity monitoring device for added safety.

Reverse Osmosis Units Reverse Osmosis Unit

Description Item # Price  
4 Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking System w/Faucet FMRO4J $199.87 Buy Now
5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking System w/Faucet FMRO5 $219.87 Buy Now
5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking System w/Faucet & UV 48165c $479.87 Buy Now

NOTE: Some pictures may vary slightly from the actual product.

For the person who wants an application that is "extreme" overkill and doesn't mind spending more money to protect themselves in several different ways.

The most effective way, for that person who wants to be virtually certain that they are getting the most effective bacteria treatment; would be to use a chlorine injection with 20 to 30 minutes of contact time. Followed by ultra violet treatment and then a reverse osmosis at the point of use for your drinking and cooking water. Although this is the most precise method, in most cases either chlorine injection-retention or ultra violet treatment followed by a reverse osmosis is more than sufficient to effectively treat e-coli and coliform bacteria.

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