Discounted Water Treatment Filters

Iron Filters, Acid Neutralizers, Chemical Feed Pumps Chlorination Systems, Water Softeners, In Line Filters, Ultra Violet (UV) systems and more. Complete Private Well or City Water Systems at the lowest prices. The content on this page will change frequently, so bookmark to your favorites today!

These items are in great working condition and come with a full 30 day warranty with life time 7 days a week tech support!

Supplies are limited so call 1-800-684-0979 to check for availability and to place your order.

The equipment found on this page is top of the line, reconditioned to like new, all equipment has all remaining manufacturer warranty. The equipment below is not all used, in some cases the equipment was an open box item that we have put together in to complete filtration systems, mainly Backwashing Acid Neutralizers. We have refurbished equipment on occasions, if there is a particular item that you are looking for, please call our techs and ask, if you do not see it on this page. This page will change, so please check back periodically or add it to your favorites so you can easily see any new updates. The pictures on this page are of the actual equipment that will be shipped out.

This page contains and array of water filtration equipment, such as:

Backwashing Acid Neutralizers

If your water has a pH of 7 or less then it is considered acidic and it should be treated. Most Iron Filters require a pH of 7.5 or higher to work. A Calcite system uses crushed and screened white marble limestone, which is dissolved in the water to neutralize acidic water. Acidic water can cause blue or green stains when you have copper pipes. These units can be used in City Water to raise pH and create alkaline water.

12” x 48” EZ Fill Backwashing Acid Neutralizer

EZ Fill Backwashing Acid Neutralizer

  • Poly Lined Mineral Tank (NSF) Approved)

  • EZ Fill Dome Hole For Easy Refill

  • Digital Automatic Backwash Valve

  • 2.0 Cubic Ft. Calcite (Included)

  • 1” or ¾” Copper or PVC Adapters

  • All Remaining Manufacturer Warranty

  • 15% off

  • $730.89 Buy Now Save $128.98

    This unit was installed in a crawl space and was returned due to a well flow rate increasing and the need for a larger backwashing acid neutralizer. This unit is in great shape and is your chance to own it at a great discounted price. Call and order today!

Chemical Feed Chlorine Injection Systems

These units are normally used on private wells for Iron bacteria treatment, E-coli, and Coliform. They can also double as a soda ash injection system to raise pH. These pumps can be purchased as single units or complete with mixing tank.

110v Chemical Feed/Chlorine Injection Pump w/35 Gallon Tank

220v Chemical Feed/Chlorine Injection Pump w/Tank

  • Pre Drilled Holes on Tank

  • Remaining Manufacturer Warranty

  • Save 10%

  • $399.80 Buy Now Save $74.94

The person who ordered this unit ordered a 220v instead of a 110v. It is perfectly functional and already set up for a quick install.