How To Determine Your Flow Rate?

Watch our instructional, easy to follow, video below to learn how to determine your flow rate. As always if you have any questions give us a call at 1-800-684-0979.


  1. Open the NEAREST faucet or tap AFTER the pressure tank (But NOT the one ON the pressure tank), until the well pump turns on. Immediately turn off the tap and count how many seconds the well pump runs from the time it came on until it shuts off, then write down the number of seconds the pump ran.
  2. Now get a container you can measure water in, such an empty gallon milk container. Open the tap or faucet and fill the container; close the tap and dump the water down the drain. Continue doing this and counting each gallon until the pump starts again. Write down the number of gallons you counted until the pump started. If there are any partial gallons left over count those as well; such as a total of 1.5 or 4.25 for example. You now have the information to calculate the well pump rate. Just give one of our techs a call and tell him how many seconds you calculated and then tell him how many gallons you were able to draw after that. He will then be able to tell you exactly what the flow rate is. This information is essential to properly size any backwashing filter (such as iron filters and water softeners) or other flow rate dependent items such as Ultra Violet (UV) systems. You should always know your flow rate on ANY private well.

PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT use a water hose when checking flow rates! If necessary have someone listen for the pump to turn on while you draw water.

For example: The well pump ran for 30 seconds and then you were able to draw 5.5 gallons before the pumps started again. That means you have 11 GPM flow rate.

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