Refrigerator Bottle

HEAVY DUTY Refrigerator Bottle Keeps 2 Gallons of Water Cold for Those Active Kids. Custom Spigot for Spill Free Dispensing. A Real Bargain at $18.87!

This refigerator bottle holds 2 gallons of water, and does not require much refrigerator shelf space. The spigot is designed for leak free operation. The easy, wide mouth top makes refilling a breeze. Use it for water, milk, iced tea, kool-aid or any of your favorite drinks. The unique design is clear and shatterproof. You can have cold beverages ready whenever you need them. An economical water bottle featuring a sturdy grip handle for easy transportation, works great for camping and travelling too. Much cheaper than buying bottled water.

Fridge bottle 2 gal. w/spout & cap

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