Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems

Remove sodium, potassium and salt from water softeners and other unwanted contaminants with our state of the art Reverse Osmosis System.

Pure drinking water at the touch of a button. Our RO systems feature state of the art technology at a budget price. You should NEVER drink the water from a water softener, and drinking bottled water is too expensive and you never know what quality the bottled water is. Our RO units remove the unhealthy sodium and salt softeners leave behind as well as other dissolved solids, nitrates and heavy metals. With our state of the art home reverse osmosis drinking water systems you never have to worry about how well your water is filtered. It will even remove chemicals, carcinogens and human waste from the sewage treatment plant process or septic systems. Featuring easy to replace filters and the complete RO unit is easy to install; ours are the best RO Systems available on the market today! Compare to other units those in-home commissioned sales people are selling for $600 to $1500. Ours are just as good and in most cases far superior. Premium Equipment-Budget Prices.

If you want to know why you can not drink the water from a water softener read this article please:

Drinking Soft Water Hazards

We also carry a mineral cartridge for those who want to put the minerals back that ROs take out of drinking water, and to raise the pH to a more alkaline environment. You can read about that RO add-on under the mineral cartridge section below.

A probe by the Associated Press has found drugs in drinking water, read more on the pharmaceuticals in drinking water page.

Also, if you live in Alamosa, Co. you may want to read about the recent salmonella outbreak.

Reverse osmosis home filtering systems provide best protection for your drinking water, it is the best way to remove drug residue from your water. It is also cost effective, starting at $199.87.

Reverse Osmosis Systems. "National Name Brand" reverse osmosis water systems at budget prices. Each Reverse Osmosis water filter listed below comes complete with everything you need. Simply the best Reverse Osmosis Filter on the market today! Compare to and replace all brands.

Reverse Osmosis System removes the entire spectrum of contaminants:

Reverse Osmosis Units from $199.

REMOVES: Sodium, Salt, Nitrates, Fluoride, Lead, Heavy metals, Cysts, Cryptosporidium, Bacteria, Tastes, Odors, THMs, Chlorine, Radium, Dissolved Solids, Pharmaceuticals, Sewage Treatment Plant Waste and much more. The BEST in purified great tasting drinking water!

Description Item # Price  
4 stage 50 *GPD w/ HUGE 4.0 gallon storage tank. John Guest fittings. Well or City Water FMRO4G $199.87 Buy Now
5 stage 50 *GPD w/HUGE 4 gal. storage tank (11"x16"). John Guest fittings. Well or City Water FMRO5 $219.87 Buy Now
5 stage w/ BOOSTER PUMP 50 *GPD w/HUGE 4 gal. storage tank (11"x16"). Well or City Water FMRO5BP $329.87 Buy Now
5 stage 50 *GPD "ULTRA VIOLET LIGHT" w/faucet and 11"x16" pressure tank. Well Water 4816-5/84602 $479.87 Buy Now
5 stage 50 *GPD "ULTRA VIOLET LIGHT" w/faucet and 11"x16" pressure tank. City Water 4816-5c/84602 $479.87 Buy Now
Replacement filter 4 Stage RO (all post and pre filters). RFFMRO4 $39.87 Buy Now
Replacement filter 5 Stage RO (all post and pre filters). RFFMRO5 $49.87 Buy Now
Replacement membrane for all 50 *GPD Reverse Osmosis. MEMRO $59.87 Buy Now
Reverse Osmosis Nitrate Replacement Cartridge RO-NI $59.87 Buy Now
Reverse Osmosis Arsenic Replacement Cartridge RO-AR $79.87 Buy Now
4 Stage R.O. Replacement Package (all post and pre filters and membrane). ROPKG4 $98.87 Buy Now
5 Stage R.O. Replacement Package (all post and pre filters and membrane). ROPKG5 $108.87 Buy Now
PORTABLE R.O. TRAVEL FILTER 5132 $125.87 Buy Now

Reverse Osmosis Tanks

The reverse osmosis storage tanks are made with 100% seamless construction to prevent leaks from wear and tear and features a polypropylene shell with a polyethylene inner shell. These materials limit the growth of germs and prevent impurities in the tank. They come in many sizes to fit your needs from 4 gallons all the way up to 80 gallons. These are bladder tanks that provide an even pressure at your drinking water faucet for an steady stream of pure great tasting drinking water. Don't see the size you need? Call and speak with one of our expert techs and they will help you determine the best solution for you.

R.O. Tank 4 Gallon 9"x13 3/4" ROTNK4 $79.87 Buy Now
R.O. Tank 20 Gallon 16"x28" ROTNK20 $279.87 Buy Now
R.O. Tank 40 Gallon 16"x58" ROTNK40 $399.87 Buy Now
R.O. Tank 80 Gallon 24"x57" ROTNK80 $575.87 Buy Now

4 Gallon Reverse Osmosis Tank

Reverse Osmosis Pumps

The R.O. Booster Pump is a low voltage pump designed to operate continuously until the product water tank is full. This pump is used to increase pressure. It is typically used with R.O. systems that have built in flow controllers. Handles up to 50 GPD membranes.

The R.O. Delivery Pump includes a built-in pressure sensing demand switch. It is typically used to transfer water from a storage tank to a remote appliance such as a refrigerator, ice maker, coffee maker, etc.

R.O. Booster Pump


$150.87 Buy Now
R.O. Delivery Pump


$199.87 Buy Now

Reverse Osmosis Booster Pump

Premium R.O. Replacement Filters


Item #


Premium R.O. Replacement filter (all post and pre filters) PREMRO $55.87 Buy Now
Premium R.O. Replacement membrane PREPOS $145.87 Buy Now
Premium R.O. Replacement Package (all filters and two membranes) ROCOMP $334.87 Buy Now

Reverse Osmosis Refrigerator Kit:

R.O. Refrigerator kit w/ 30 ft. plastic tubing. RO_KIT $30.87 Buy Now

R.O.Fridge Kit


Premium Mineral Enhancer Cartridge:

This cartridge adds necessary minerals back into the water and also adds pH.

Mineral pH cartridge. MINpH $39.87 Buy Now
Replacement pH filter. pH_repl $22.87 Buy Now

Replacement Membrane

AC 30 Thin film 50 GPD: 1.8" OD (outer diameter)Length 11.75" TFM-50A $64.87 Buy Now

Replacement Filter

5 Micron Spun Bonded Sediment Filter (polypropylene) RS-23-SED5 $7.87 Buy Now

*GPD = Gallons per day. Please Note: Each reverse osmosis unit comes complete with stylish "long reach" lead free faucets. NSF approved sumps and storage tanks. Passes even California's strict standards for "No Lead" systems. All reverse osmosis filters come complete with "EasyInstall Packet" and even a replacement filter cartridge tool for the easiest assembly and maintenance on the market today! An incredible RO Water System Value.

Reverse Osmosis removes chemicals and contaminanats to provide clean, healthy water.

WE FEATURE: Some of the lowest prices on reverse osmosis system replacement filters, by comparison, in the USA. These high quality systems give you the same, or even better quality of water as RO units that cost up to $1200 by in home sales companies. Plus they don't waste water needlessly. When the storage tank is full the unit will shut off and stop using water until the unit is used again.It saves hundreds, even THOUSANDS of dollars over the many marginal RO systems that flood the market today.

Key Benefits

  • Reverse Osmosis water filtration saves you money on beverages.
  • Reverse osmosis drinking water for better tasting beverages.
  • Reverse Osmosis water purifier removes unhealthy contaminants.

Want color in your kitchen? Add one of the colored faucets below for only $60.86. Just click on Buy Now now, then choose any color you want.

R.O. Designer Color Faucets

Buy Now $60.86

Dual Probe TDS Monitor $99.87

TDS Dual Probe Monitor

Buy Now


Some features include:
  • True automatic membrane performance monitoring.
  • Auto-sampling (no push buttons).
  • Ultra bright LED display flashing every 2 seconds to indicate system status.
  • The percent rejection comparator, automatically monitors the membrane condition by comparing the feed water to the permeate.
  • "False Signal Protection".

Handheld TDS Tester $39.87

New to Water Filters of America™®, this handheld TDS tester gives a reading of the total quantity of dissolved solids in a glass of water. The measurement readings are in "ppm" or "parts per million", the equivalent of "milligrams per liter".

This handheld TDS tester is an ideal tool to figure out when to change your membrane in your reverse osmosis system. This TDS tester helps you determine whether your water is safe for your family!

This handheld TDS tester is an ideal tool to figure out when to change your membrane in your reverse osmosis system. This TDS tester helps you determine whether your water is safe for your family!

Buy Now


  • Self contained cell design
  • Automatic temperature compensation (ATC)
  • Splash-proof housing
  • Field tested durability
  • Factory calibrated
  • Impact resistant carrying case
  • Magnetic Backing (stick it on the fridge!)
  • 200 hour battery life
  • Pocket clip

In-lineTDS Meter

In-Line TDS Monitor

Now Available

This in-line TDS meter has the ability to let you know when your TDS levels are high. Light flashes when your TDS is at high levels.
  • Easy installation
In-line TDS Tester 1/4" fitting $49.87 Buy Now
In-line TDS Tester 3/8" fitting $59.87 Buy Now

Hardness Test Kit

Hardness Test Kit

This test measures the amount of total hardness present in the water sample using the drop count method. Great for diagnosing your water so you can determine what size water softener is perfect for you. Also diagnoses the water to see if it changed after applying your equipment.

Price: $40.87 Buy Now


All reverse osmosis systems come with complete "EASY INSTALL PACKETS". Premium quality water treatment filtration systems at budget prices. Water Filters of America®.

Home Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System production rate depends on pressure, temperature and T.D.S. Test conditions as follows: Inlet pressure 50 PSI, Total Dissolved Solids (T.D.S): 600 ppm NaCl, Temp: 25 degrees centigrade (77 F), pH: 6.8-7.5

Our Reverse Osmosis System is the very best filtration system on the market today. It has the capability to make up to fifty gallons of pure clean drinking water per day, a four gallon storage tank to ensure you always have plenty of great tasting drinking water. These filtration systems are great at removing the sodium left in the water after a water softener. Reverse Osmosis water treatment will give you, in most cases, higher quality water than many of the name brand bottled waters at the touch of a button. Please don't hesitate to contact one of our technicians. They are always friendly and helpful, and will never ask you to buy anything or pressure you in any way.

Other Products Include:

Water Softener - Used in water treatment to remove calcium and magnesium from the water to create soft water and prevent calcium or scale build up and to make soaps more efficient.

Chemical Feed System - Used in water treatment to treat iron bacteria, organics, e-coli, coliform and to neutralize acidic water or raise pH.

Acid Neutralizer - Used in water treatment to neutralize acidic water and to raise the pH level.