Mini-Twin Water Softener w/ Autotrol Timer Valve: $569.87

Mini-Twin Softener

When you are tight for space, this mini water softener is the way to go. Twin tanks 6"x18". A great water softener for mobile homes, motor homes or small homes with limited installation area. Fits in the smallest of closets or cupboards.

Provides soft, luxurious water of the same or better quality of units costing up to 10 times as much! Of course we have NO salespeople, telemarketers, or dealers to pay. We have cut out the middlemen. Save hundreds of dollars! Water treatment systems, conditioners and filters at BARGAIN prices. Buy online NATIONWIDE! Delivered to your door. Buy Now

Standard features: Autotrol set it and forget it 12v wall mount for easy set-up. High capacity resin. Service manual. 4,000 grain capacity. Portable.

Non-Electric Systems

Fleck Mullti Valve Control

These Multi-Valve systems are manually operated and require no electricity.

Multi-Valve Features

Shut-Off - Allows for the shut-off of the water supply to the point of use easily with the turn of the lever. No additional plumbing parts are required.

Bypass - Allows for bypassing the filter when non-filtered water is needed.

In Service - Allows filtered water to flow to the point of use with the turn of the lever.

Backwash - Allows manual backwashing of the system to clean the media, reducing back pressure and channeling. All units include backwash flow controls.

Optionally - These units can be supplied catalytic carbon for the removal of chloramines or Hydrogen sulfide.

Non Electric Softener $360.87 (Model # NESRV)

The 15K Water Softener has a 7"x44" Media Tank and a 19 Gallon 11"x11"x38" Brine Tank. Buy Now

Non Electric Conditioner $279.87 (Model # NECRV)

The Water Conditioner has a 7"x44" tank that holds 0.5 cu. ft. of Granulated Activated Carbon. Buy Now


This unique and versatile RV FILTER is great for the RV, camper, or anywhere youneed drinking water. Totally portable. Simply hook it up to the RV or camperhose. Even hooks up to an ordinary garden hose, for chlorine free water forthose outdoor plants. Complete with male/female hose connectors. Removes bad tastes, odors, chlorine, sediment, chemicals etc. Filters are a snap to replace! Mounting bracket for those who want permanent installation. A must for the smart traveler.

RV Shower FilterCounter Top Faucet Mount Reverse Osmosis SYSTEM


Under Sink Filter

The under sink filter unit comes with its own faucet, one carbon filter and one sediment filter.

Under Sink Filter

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Under Sink Filter



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This amazing unit has a sediment filter and a granular activated carbon filter. Chlorine reduction and great tasting water even at the campground!

Key Benefits

  • Connects to garden hose.
  • Inlet outlet male-female connections. Mounting bracket included.
  • Takes chlorine and odors out of shower as well!
  • Many filter options for custom orders. Tell us what you want.


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RV Travel Filter



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Lightweight Storage Tank Lightweight Storage Tanks

All units sold upon approval only. Prices and shipping subject to change. Water Filters of America™® not responsible for source water changes or misapplications.

(Model #min-9)