Water Filtration System I

NOTE: Anyone considering purchasing well water treatment equipment, should first gather the information required under items, 7, 16 and 17 on this page: https://staging.waterfiltersofamerica.com/article_faq's.htm

This Well Water Filtration System includes an Chemical Feed Pump a Retention Tank and a Terminox™ ISM Filter to control e-coli, coliform, sediment, sand, raising pH, sulfur etc.

Chemical Feed Pump for Chlorine Injection in well water treatment.

30 GPD Pulse feeding injection pump in either 110v or 220v.

Lightweight Retention Tank will not corrode.

These units are useful when the water needs "contact time".

Terminox™ removes iron, sulfur, manganese, sediment, tastes, odors and even harsh chemicals such as chlorine.

The complete iron filter unit is chemical and maintenance free.

Chemical Feeder System, this is a 30 GPD pulse feeding injection pump in either 110v or 220v and comes complete with all hoses, injection fitting, suction basket, degasser line and a 15 Gallon solution tank. It can be used to inject soda ash or in severe cases caustic soda to raise pH and eliminate problems associated with acidic water. You can also use this same system to inject chlorine to kill harmful and nuisance bacteria. The same pump can be used to do both in most cases. Please note that for Ecoli and Coliform bacteria you need 20 to 30 minutes of contact time. To obtain the necessary contact time, you need 20 gallons of retention for every 1 gallon per minute of flow rate to effectively kill the bacteria.

Retention TankA retention tank is normally used to allow contact time between your water and a chemical that is being injected. It would all depend on what is being injected and why to determine the size of retention needed. To make certain that you have enough retention time with chlorine to kill bacteriums such as e-coli and coliform, you need a minimum of twenty minutes contact time. To obtain that twenty minutes you need twenty gallons of retention for every one gallon per minute flow. (To determine your flow rate, please see item #7 on this page: Articles / FAQ's For example, if you have six gallons per minute flow rate, you would needone hundred twenty gallon retention (6 x 20=120) 6 GPM flow x 20 minute retention = 120 gallon retention tank. The tanks themselves are made of polymer materials and have a seamless, one piece polyethylene inner shell. They are lightweight and very durable with 1 1/4" socket connections on the top and bottom. Other sizes are available here.

7" Terminox™ ISM Filter includes an oxidizing mineral, like a rock, that comes out of the ground. It NATURALLY oxidizes things such as iron and sulfur. It is almost like it is hitting it with air. It turns oxidized items into a sediment form, which cannot pass through its dense mineral bed. Unlike birm filters which require air injection or other filters which require chlorine, salt or hazardous chemicals such as potassium permanganate, it is environmentally friendly and requires no additives at all. It periodically cleans itself in the middle of the night and requires virtually no maintenance. You just "Set it and forget it". It removes iron, sulfur, manganese, dirt, sediment, turbidity and harsh chemicals such as chlorine. As the mineral is a catalyst it virtually never requires removal and replacement. The average Terminox™ filter should last you 25 to 35 years. It is state of the art Technology that is offered exclusively by WaterFiltersOfAmerica.com. These units are most effective on a pH of 7.5 or higher. To properly size your unit you must know your flow rate and pH.

Terminox™ ISM Filters


Item #


7"x44" tank .50 cubic ft. media. 7076BT


8"x44" tank .75 cubic ft. media. 7078BT


9"x48" tank 1.0 cubic ft. media. 7081BT


10"x54" tank 1.5 cubic ft. media. 7082BT


12"x52" tank 2.0 cubic ft. media. 7083BT


Optional Bypass Valve

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